the inevitable crash

wow, what do i do with all this free time?  i guess that having  a deadline really amped me up to work.  i have been assessing everyday, figuring out what hours could be spent in the studio coiling, and now (post deadline) i’m experiencing the inevitable let down.  i spent some time with my sketch (list) book yesterday working on what i’d like to do next.  gotta get back to work.

yesterday i worked my a.i.r. day.  j and i did a lot of hard, glamourous work, like cleaning some funky ass bathrooms (a weekend of 24/7 use, yeah!), loading up 3 bisque kilns and 1 glaze kiln and cleaning up the kiln pad for the unloading next week.  the dumpster was full, so we couldn’t even do the trash until the garbage truck came, and then whooo the large amounts of trash we had.  but to be honest that is why i like working tuesdays, there’s always a lot to do.  it’s satisfying to make a dent in the work load and i’ve learned a lot from j.

d-o-n-e done

i am exhausted, but just a quick post to say 10 x 10 went well.  it was a really great time, a chance to catch up with lots of folks from south florida and i was very pleased with the installation of garden path.  j and i headed out friday morning after the longest freaking thursday ever (4 am kiln shift, then a training at tampa health department, visit to my parents house to load up some materials and then packing the car to max capacity with our art work.), installed most of friday and saturday, showed from 6-10 pm and then woke up bright and early sunday to deinstall.  it was hard work but it was worth it.

i was able to find a landscaping supply co. to graciously lend me the crushed shells, stepping stones and borders i needed for the garden.  the owner and his wife came to the show and before they left they gifted me the materials they had loaned me.  how cool are they?  anyone in south florida needing landscaping supplies should definitely support AAA sod and supply on military trail between maleluca and lantana. they are like, totally my art sponsors.

unfortunately i don’t have a camera, and am too poor to buy one for the time being, so i will have to wait for pictures from kara.  she had a photographer shoot the whole show which was so awesome of her.

here’s a little taste via my cell phone:

blurry garden path

blurry garden path

as you can imagine that crushed shell was a pain to clear up.  i shoveled up a couple of containers of it and brought them out to the car.  when i returned a had shoveled another 2 containers up, she then proceeded to help me clear up the rest, which we did in record time.  s showed up and after giving us root beers, pitched in.  we took the hand truck down the elevator and as we wheeled it to the parking lot, i couldn’t help but be struck with how awesome my life is right now and how many great folks are part of that.  therefore i have to shout out some thanks to all my co-residents especially j for making the trip with me, a and s and all my sofla ladies and, you know, the universe for rocking so much.  yeah!

anagama loading

this week don reitz and john ballisteri are firing spcc’s anagama with us.  what an honor to work with and learn from such respected potters.

yesterday i rushed home from work and to the studio.  the studio was full of people glazing.  wonky bottles and tea bowls covered the glaze room counters (ballisteri’s work).  things seemed to be wrapping up.  the studio emptied out, i stayed and worked for a few hours, but didn’t get much done.  i headed home for some dinner and then to j and j’s to drink some beer.

yesterday was kind of uneventful, but today more than made up for it.  got to the studio by 9:30 am, people are still glazing, slicing up soft brick, bringing out boards of ware. we all gather round to get the run down, chunky, delicate, 5 inch, 9 inch, etc.  wad with glue (not saliva?) and slightly in, in case glaze runs.

we are like ants (someone says) buzzing back and forth with more work for the kiln.  j, k and i bring out some large relief tiles of don’s and when i tell them where they are he says “thanks for bringing them out, thanks, thanks so much.”  he is so sweet.

kiln shelves need wash, r tells me how to make it and i start measuring out alumina oxide and epk, j from bowling green helps me mix it up into a slurry.  we bring it out and start rolling it on.  i love community activities like this.  while we are inside mixing the wash, other folks have laid out all the kiln shelves on 2 x 4s and started chipping off any previous glaze runs.  so we’re all chipping, and rolling and j is going behind us, wiping off drips from the sides of shelves.

the loading starts, wadding rolled into balls, dipped in elmer’s glue, stuck to pots, small station are set up, folks are in the kiln, others are spread out finding the right size.  j, j and i make cone packs, though our high temp cone packs get shot down by ballisteri for not being slanted enough, so i remake those with help from k.  it’s great fun to learn and repeating things just helps this along. spent awhile in the kiln as part of the human chain moving work in.

i tried to float around as much as i could today, doing a little bit of everything.  around 4:30pm things wrapped up and around then m stopped by and i got to show her around the studio and my apartment.  it was fun to share a little of my st. pete life with her.

to add some kick ass frosting this 3 cake of a day k invited everyone to a meal at her house.  k has an utterly amazing ceramic art collection in her house and she hosted a lovely evening for us.  we all got to enjoy some conversation with each other and relax.  i felt very lucky to be part of this day.  hard work, awesome artists, awesome art, learning tons of shit, speaking japanese with don reitz…it was really super great!

sorry, no pictures, but i’ll work on that.