bumping up against rainbows: my solo exhibition in shigaraki:)

living with art at st. croix apartments.












st. croix apartment complex houses about 10 of uf’s mfas/recently graduated.  Last night they opened their doors and invited the public into their homes to look at the art that they “live with” on a daily basis.  some apartments transformed into pristine gallery spaces and some transformed altogether.

i started at the door which had the biggest crowd when i arrived.  gleefully that crowd seemed to shift organically around the the complex through out the night.  galen olmsted’s monolithic wooden structure covered in porcelain poops stood surrounded by kalina winska’s large ethereal paintings.

next i moved upstairs.   drew avakian’s cut and reassembled, structured pots contrasted nicely with donna flanery’s soft, painterly cups and teapots.   rob kolhouse’s futuristic busts held court alongside them.

back downstairs i found that varian wolf and charlie cummings, both big advocates for the florida springs, had filled their apartment with water and fish in order to allow us to experience life under the water for ourselves.  luckily we were able to enjoy it without getting wet from the comfort of chairs outside, where we could observe the underwater goings on through the front windows.  their projections of spring life at times presented compelling narratives that we wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.

down a ways, in jen clay’s apartment, large, long legged birds had taken over the everyday living room scene.  they seemed to be jumping on everything, their blue, white and black feathers leaving a puffy trail.  In the kitchen, one of clay’s “friendly unknowns” seemed to be having a fit over spilled milk and dry cereal.  though clay’s apartment itself was the least changed, her creatures inhabiting the space transformed it into a wild unknown.

kate helms’ door was closed but in her absence she had placed a sculptural replica of herself, complete with overalls and a conductor’s cap.  one of her works memorializing the cabbage palm was also displayed.

lastly, i visited the apartment of one of the organizers.  several 2d works were hung, and when you ventured back into one of the bedrooms turned gallery you saw Jessika Normington’s light and string installation.  The bright cacaphony of color and light against a fluffy white cotton clouds turned x-mess lights into firefly crackles of electricity.

after popping our heads up into the light scape some of sat on the floor and chatted.  eventually the night died down.  doors closed.  a pie-zilla and coke showed up upstairs. good times were had by all.

unfortunately i didn’t get pics of everything but here are some pics from galen’s facebook.

nice night team st. croix!





upcoming projects

bumbswhew, what a relief to have the show up.  opening night was great.  my awesome parents catered the event, providing more than enough foccacia, stromboli, hummus, coponata and beverages.  lars din and mel malfa played some sweet tunes, there was quite a crowd and sales were good.


and of course i couldn’t have pulled it all off with out the cavalry coming in at the last moment in the form of a.  she helped me with hanging, designed all the text for the wall, took installation images and offered unwavering moral support.



i’ve been taking a break from the studio.  i picked up a few shifts at my job the last couple of days but  finally stopped in at the studio today to sweep.  it’s that time again.  time to sweep and mop and rearrange my studio space and get back to work.

some exciting projects are coming up.

-this weekend is folk fest.  i’ll be there with some folks from the clay co. as well as having a booth with the artlink team.  mary anne and i just started a blog about our artlink partnership.

-november 21st i’ll be selling work at an art sale in gulfport called “eclectic and then some.”  i’ll post more details on that soon.

-the atomic holiday bazaar is december 12th.  i’m really looking forward to participating.

and last but not least

-march 12th white box 2 opens.  a four person show curated by kara walker tome.


getting amped.

tomorrow is j’s closing reception.  the show has been open all week.  if you haven’t seen it yet i would definitely recommend coming out tomorrow.

monday the show will come down and i’ll get down to the business of installing.  can’t say much at this point except that i am very appreciative of everyone who is helping everything along.  i am highly stressed!  but so much awesomeness is happening simultaneously.  i got a very exciting invitation to show in march as part of a four person show.

my brain is getting ready to explode, but in a good way, often.  just need to get through this week.

ok, here is a little preview from the kiln i just opened…

wall peice peeking out.

wall peice peeking out.

wall piece...

wall piece...

this one will hang...

this one will hang...

disparate worlds

some installation pics of jamie bardsley and sarah tancred’s incredible show “disparate worlds”.  jamie is now settled in bowling green, ohio  and sarah is off to gainesville, florida tomorrow.  you go girls.  so honored to have experienced all this together.